Hypnotik Mega Man Shirts

Hypnotik Mega Man Shirts

Hypnotik Mega Man Shirts

Mega Man is celebrating its 30th anniversary and Hypnotik wanted in on the big celebration. So they teamed up with Capcom to bring you some killer new Hypnotik Mega Man Shirts! Let’s check out some pictures of these two new Mega Man Shirts. Just click any link or picture below to begin your order now!

Hypnotik Mega Man Rock N Roll BJJ Shirt

Hypnotik Mega Man Rock N Roll Shirt

First up for the new Hypnotik Mega Man Shirts is the Rock N Roll BJJ Shirt. This is an 8-bit gamer’s dream shirt, especially if you love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Rock N Roll BJJ arcs its way across the top of the shirt as Mega Man looks on front and center. The Hypnotik logo has taken a trip back in time to match the 80’s era-look, as does their “The Art of Greatness” motto. This new Mega Man shirt is sure to be a best seller in no time!

Hypnotik Mega Man Cyborg BJJ Shirt

Hypnotik Mega Man Shirt - Cyborg

The Hypnotik Mega Man Cyborg Shirt has all the greatness of the Rock N Roll BJJ Shirt with a bit of a different design. Mega Man is ready to defeat Dr. Wily but you have to hurry — both of these new shirts are limited edition, which means they will not be reproduced. We strongly advise you to buy them now while supplies are plentiful! We expect these to go quickly, just like the Hypnotik Mega Man Gi, so get yours now!

Nothing beats video games + nostalgia + BJJ + Hypnotik! Get the new Hypnotik Limited Editon Mega Man Shirts now right here at MMAWarehouse.com!