Tatami Releases Husky Rashguards for the Big Guys

Tatami Releases Husky Rashguards for the Big Guys

This one is for the big guys. One problem with conventional rashguards is they usually aren’t big enough for the larger men. Tatami came up with a solution for this with the new Tatami Husky Rashguards. These are designed to have a slightly larger fit in the body to allow for a huskier frame. Let’s check them out. Just click any link or picture for more information or to begin your order with MMAWarehouse.com!

Tatami Optronic Husky Rashguard

Tatami Opttronic Rashguard

Tatami Polytronic Husky Rashguard

Tatami Polytronic Rashguard

Both of these Tatami Husky Rashguards or “big rashguards” if you will, feature the same qualities you find if ever other Tatami BJJ rashguard. These are well-made and durable rashguards that will last a long time and take everything you can give them on the mats while you train and compete.

The Polytronic Husky Rashguard features a black and white colorway, as well as some white sleeves and side panels, which makes it look slick and sleek. The Optronic Husky Rashguard comes in gray with some black on it.

Both of these new BJJ rashguards are in stock and ready to ship from MMAWarehouse.com. If you’re looking for big rashguards or husky rashguards these are the ones for you!