Venum Nightcrawler Gear

Venum Nightcrawler Gear

Venum Nightcrawler Gear

Today we’re taking a look at the new Venum Nightcrawler Gear, which includes headgear, shinguards, and boxing gloves. Let’s check it all out. Just click any picture or link below to see more information, or to start your order with!

Venum Nightcrawler Boxing Gloves

htcrawler Boxing Gloves Navy Blue

Venum Nightcrawler Boxing Gloves Red

The Venum Nightcrawler Boxing Gloves come in two different colors, both seen above. We have the red and navy blue, and both have additional patterns on the gloves. Add the famous Venum snake on the front of the gloves and you have an amazing look. But you also need functionality, and of course, Venum has you covered there, too. Check out these features:

  • Semi Leather: for durability
  • Triple density foam for optimum shock absorption
  • Attached thumb for better protection against injury
  • Ventilation system for optimal thermal regulation
  • Anatomic shape / Outstanding grip
  • Optimized protection metacarpal
  • Reinforced seams
  • Large hook and loop closure for a precise fit and excellent support
  • Long cuff for protection and increased stability of the wrist
  • Venum logo 3D emboss
  • Handmade in Thailand

Handmade gloves that look great and are built with the latest technology — what are you waiting for? Get the Venum Nightcrawler Boxing Gloves from!

Venum Nightcrawler Headgear

Venum Nightcrawler Headgear Navy Blue

Venum Nightcrawler Headgear Red

Stay safe and protected with the new Venum Nightcrawler Headgear. Like the gloves, the headgear is available in both red and navy blue. These are also handmade, and they feature high-density foam for optimal protection without limiting your vision. Other features include:

  • 100% Semi leather construction for great durability and high fighting performances
  • Ultra lightweight to allow faster head movement
  • Specific face design for a perfect protection and an open 180-degree vision field
  • Triple density contoured foam for ultimate shock absorption
  • Reinforced ear cover
  • Open-Top design with mesh for a better evacuation of perspiration and moisture
  • Flexible 2-ways hook and loop closure for a customized no-slip fit

Look good and protect yourself with the Venum Nightcrawler Headgear!

Venum Nightcrawler Shinguards

Venum Nightcrawler Shin Guards Navy Blue

Venum Nightcrawler Shin Guards Red

The Venum Nightcrawler Shinguards also come in red or navy blue, and they make the set complete. Venum says these shinguards perfectly represent the brand with their authentic and polished graphics, and we agree! Other features for these shinguards include:

  • Semi Leather: for strength
  • HHigh-density foam: for better shock absorption
  • Hook and loop closure: for safe and rpécis adjustment
  • Elastic under the foot and the heel
  • Ergonomic fit: for comfort and mobility
  • Handmade in Thailand

That’s the new Venum Nightcrawler Gear and it’s all available now at!