Training Mask Backpack

Training Mask Backpack

Training Mask says their new top load backpack is the only bag you’ll ever need. We tend to agree. This bag is amazing, quality through and through. We’ll get to all the specs, but first check out this slideshow of pictures of the Training Mask Backpack. Click any of them to see a bigger image.

Training Mask Backpack

Features include:

  • Multiple large compartments for storage
  • Side pockets for smaller items
  • Top load design improves storage efficiency
  • Comfortable, wide shoulder straps
  • Training Mask logos
  • Extremely adaptable to the user
  • Various straps are adjustable so it can fit properly
  • Handle at top for convenient carrying options
  • Features water resistant shoe compartment in the bottom

This top-loading backpack design is amazing, a design rarely seen for combat sports. Not only is the design simple and extremely convenient, has everything needed for loading tons of gear and can even be organized as a backpack for daily commuting. Part of the problem with traditional, gigantic duffle bags is that they are rarely suitable for anything other than carrying gym gear.

Another issue with duffle bags is that they quite literally end up “swallowing” your gear. This will often will result in the “fun” activity where you have to dig everything out to find whatever is at the bottom or hiding in between layers of gear. The Training Mask Backpack allows for massive compartment storage capabilities in a smaller design, providing the convenience for retrieving things without having to hunt for them.

Training Mask Backpack also gives you the flexibility to use it outside of training purposes (i.e work, traveling, school, etc). Plus, there are plenty of small pockets for special storage needs, including side pockets for liquids, which is a greatly ignored feature in duffle bags.

Traditional duffle bag designs fail to provide many features besides sheer storage size, and this is where the top-loading design of Training Mask really stands out. You can carry a ton of stuff in there and still feel like you can walk around without taking up the whole hallway. The Training Mask Backpack is a high-quality, durable backpack that will stand up to most abuse and is a serious improvement to an area of the exercise world that has been in need of an upgrade.

If you need to get more organized and if you’re looking to reduce stress by keeping everything together and ready to go, the Training Mask Backpack from now!