How to Make a Street Fighter Halloween Costume

How to Make a Street Fighter Halloween Costume

How to Make a Street Fighter Halloween Costume

Street Fighter is a cultural phenomenon that started back in the 1980s as a video game. That spawned into more video games, movies, TV shows and the ever-popular catch phrase, “Hadouken!”

Due to its massive popularity, people love to dress up as Street Fighter characters. It’s easy to make Street Fighter Halloween costumes, and we have what you need here at

Sagat Costume

Sagat Halloween CostumeA Sagat costume is fairly easy to make. All you need are some colorful fight shorts like the Venum Thai Tribal Muay Thai Shorts and a lot of War Wrap Ez Rip Sports Tape. If you need to bulk up, you might want to hit some of the MusclePharm supplements or some of the Onnit T+ Total Strength Performance Supplement.

You’re on your own for the eye patch.

Abel Costume

You can make an Abel costume with with a blue gi top from the Fuji All Around BJJ Blue Gi. Add in some white Revgear Vale Tudo Shorts and some white MMA gloves. Throw on some shinguards like the Venum Kontact Shin and Instep Guards and boom! You have yourself a sick Abel Street Fighter costume.

Keiko Sports Limited Series GiKen Costume

If you want to go as Ken for Halloween, start by rocking a red gi. We recommend the Keiko Sports Limited Series Gi, one of the few to come in red. After that, you need to strap on a BJJ black belt and some black MMA gloves. Then you’re all set to take on the world as Ken!

Ryu Costume

It’s fun and easy to make a Ryu Street Fighter Halloween costume. First you need to get a white gi, which you can easily find in our BJJ Gis section. We have over 100 different BJJ Gis in-stock and ready to ship. Then, just like the Ken costume, you add the black belt and the black MMA gloves, and you are ready to rock. You can use an old red shirt to make the bandanna, even on old, long red sock. You can also find something cheap at a fabric store.

Guile Costume

Grips Athletics Limited Edition Camo SpatsTo make a Guile Street Fighter Halloween costume, it’s all about finding some good-fitting camo pants. You can do this with a camo Gi or camo spats from Some options are the Scramble Tigerstripe Camo Spats, or the Grips Athletics Limited Edition Camo Spats. You could also get a camo gi, like the Fuji Sports Combatives Gi. You could keep it and use it to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or even donate it to a soldier so they could use it to train.

Guile also wears a green tank, which you can find at The Affliction AC Battlefield Tank would be a solid option.

Balrog Costume

If you want to go as Balrog for Halloween, start by getting yourself some red boxing gloves. We have a huge selection of both MMA and boxing gloves, so that should be an easy task. Add a blue tank and some blue shorts and just like that you are ready to show the world that you indeed are Balrog!

The great thing about these costumes is that all of the gis, spats, gloves and tanks can be used over and over as clothes, in training or both. And if you aren’t going to use them again, it would be wonderful to donate them to our troops, many of whom train MMA and BJJ.

So now you know how to make a Street Fighter Halloween Costume with help from your friends at I guess there is only one thing left to say:

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