Keiko Summer Gi: Keep Cool and Make Weight

Keiko Summer Gi: Keep Cool and Make Weight

The Keiko Summer Gi is an IBJJF-approved gi made from 100% cotton. The gi is lightweight, which serves a few purposes. It makes it easier for competitors to make weight, it’s more comfortable and it keeps you cooler than heavier gis.

The Keiko Summer Gi is durable, perfect for daily training and for people who train in warmer climates. It comes in black, blue or white and it is ready to ship from Here’s a look at the white style.

Keiko Summer Gi

Here’s a list of the Keiko Summer Gi features:

  • 100% cotton
  • 650gsm double weave jacket
  • EVA foam on the lapel to keep away germs and making it harder for your opponent to grip
  • Pre-shrunk body, Sleeve length and pant length will shrink to your preference depending on wash and dry
  • Pants manufactured for extreme durability, and comfort. With reactive dyeing, which prevents fading
  • Pants reinforced stitching and double lined from the thigh down
  • Rope drawstring on the pants for better comfort and hold when training and competing
  • IBJJF Approved
  • Belt Not Included

Feeling overheated in your gi, or feeling that it’s making you sluggish and preventing you from maximizing your training is no fun at all. That’s why some people are turning to the lighterweight BJJ Gis. If you are competing in tourneys, you will be weighing in with your gi on. Every little bit helps, so that’s another reason people are turning to lighter gis like the Keiko Summer Gi.

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