Best BJJ Gis of 2014 (So Far)

Best BJJ Gis of 2014 (So Far)

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We’re about halfway through 2014, so we’re taking a look at the top-selling products of the year. We’ve already taken a look at the Best MMA Shorts of 2014, and now we’ll look at the Best BJJ Gis of 2014.

For this article, best BJJ Gis refers to the best-selling gis at this year. We’ll start with the top 10, then add honorable mentions that could make the list as the year goes on.

So here we go: these are The Best BJJ Gis of 2014 (so far).

#1 – Tatami Estilo 4.0

Best BJJ Gis: Tatami Estilo 4.0

The Tatami Estilo 4.0 leads the way in BJJ Gi sales at so far this year. The Estilo gi has a cutting-edge design and is packed with finer details like silver contrast stitching, applique embroidery designs and inside cuff and lapel trim. It’s the best of both worlds: a quality-made gi that also looks great.

#2 – Fuji All-Around Gis

Fuji Black All-Around

The Fuji All-Around BJJ Gi comes in three different colors: white, black and blue. It is a quality gi that is perfect for people on a budget, coming in at just under $100. You could classify it under “Cheap Gis,” but that only refers to cost, not craftsmanship. The Fuji All-Around has long been one of the top sellers at This year is no different.

#3 – Hayabusa Goorudo

Hayabusa Goorudo

Hayabusa released two new styles of gis earlier this year. Both made the Best BJJ Gis list as top sellers. The Goorudo didn’t even have the benefit of being around for the whole year, but has already made it to #3 for the top-selling gis of 2014.

#4 – Tatami Zero G V3

Tatami Zero G V3

Tatami gis take two of top five slots on our Best BJJ Gis list. The Tatami Zero G V3 is a super-lightweight competition gi, one of the lightest BJJ gis in the world. It was designed in conjunction with some of the worlds best BJJ athletes, and currently has a rating of 4.7/5 from customer reviews.

#5 – Gameness Air 2014

Gameness Air 2014

The popular Gameness Air came back with a new version in 2014. Gameness says that the Air 2014 may be the lightest BJJ Gi in the world. There’s no doubt it’s ultra lightweight. It features a comb weave, lightweight ripstop pants and a rubber collar made with ripstop material.

#6 – Gameness Pearl

Gameness Pearl

Back to back Gameness on our list, this time it’s the Gameness Pearl at #6. While not as lightweight as the Gameness Air 2014, the Pearl is still a lightweight gi that is durable and dries quickly, which is always a great feature for people that train multiple times per week, or even per day.

#7 – Scramble Rebel

Scramble Rebel

The Scramble Rebel burst onto the scene earlier this year, instantly becoming a best-seller. The Rebel is a two-tone gi, one of the more unique styles you’ll see. The gi is not competition legal — just how they want it. The “No Risk, No Reward” patch on the pants leg is perfect for this gi.

#8 – Venum Competitor

Venum Competitor Gi

The Venum Competitor Gi is a single weave, with mix of embroideries and patches. It’s lightweight and features a soft lining inside the Gi for extra comfort. The Competitor currently holds a 4.8/5 rating on customer reviews, many heralding the gi for its style and comfort.

#9 – Combat Corner ECO V3.0

Combat Corner ECO V3.0

Combat Corner calls the ECO V3.0 “a professional design that’s perfect for those who train or compete but are also budget minded and still want a top quality Gi.” That it is. It features many of the finer details you will find on higher priced Gis, like its fast-drying lightweight EVA-filled collar.

#10 – Hayabusa Shinju

Hayabusa Shinju

The Hayabusa Shinju was released at the same time as the Goorudo. They both made the cut for our Best BJJ Gis of 2014 list. The Shinju could even climb higher on the list by the end of the year. It’s made with 14 oz. canvas cotton for added strength and durability but still dries quickly and is fully breathable. It also comes in a lightweight version.

Best BJJ Gis of 2014 (So Far) – Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more BJJ Gis that just missed making the list or are generating some buzz. We could see them in the top 10 by the close of 2014.

So those are the Best BJJ Gis of 2014 to date. You can watch videos of over 30 BJJ Gi Reviews to get a better idea of what Gi is best for you. If you’re looking for something different or for a particular feature for your Gi, has over 100 different styles of BJJ Gis for men, women and children.