Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi is the Real Deal

Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi is the Real Deal

Hemp Gis are one of the hottest products in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Most of the hemp gis are a blend, but the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi is made from 100% hemp. Flow says they are one of only two brands on the market that are actually offering 100% hemp Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimonos. Check out the slideshow to see pictures of the gi.

Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi

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Features of the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi:

  • Extremely soft and comfortable to train in
  • 4x stronger than cotton – this gi will last a long time!
  • Environmentally friendly – hemp is grown without pesticides
  • Hemp fabric is a naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor
  • Silver contrast stitching
  • Six belt loops
  • 550gsm 100% hemp basket weave gi top
  • 12oz 100% hemp canvas pants
  • Made in China
  • Because hemp fabric shrinks up to 3%, we’ve cut the gis larger so that you can shrink to fit

You can check out the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi review video here, with details on its fit and feel, build quality, design and how it performs in action on the mats.

Hemp gis are more durable because hemp is simply much stronger than cotton. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and breathes better than cotton. That part is especially great when you consider rolling in the summer indoors. Feeling all stuffy and overheated in your gi is one of the worst feelings. It certainly distracts from your learning and makes it more difficult to focus on learning technique.

Each type of BJJ Gi has its own benefits. Since there are so many different types and styles of BJJ gis, we’ve created The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi Buying Guide. Give it a look if you need some guidance on what type of gi to buy, or just want to learn more about all the different kinds of BJJ Gis.